What I Wore: "Poncho"

Let's just call this unflattering outfit week here on the blog.
Holy Bananas. I am clearly choosing comfort over looking svelte.

As huge as this sweater makes me look, it sure keeps me warm.
I am a sucker for cardi/wrap/blanket looking sweaters. This one is extremely similar to the one I wore here. Pairing it with my favorite jeggings (that are too big now. YAY. And kind of sad!) and my Minnetonka boots makes me so happy. The guys at work made fun of me for wearing a "poncho". I have to share with you that I work with ALL guys. It is a completely opposite environment from anything I have ever worked in. And I love it. Yes they don't get my clothes, don't care or want to know that I have cramps and completely ignore the fact that I am eating healthy and bring donuts and fudge. But it is perfect for the place that I am at personally. OH and my office is freezing. So I have to bundle up (which just made me realize why I am choosing comfort and cozy clothes). 

Please excuse my hair. These pics are proof that just because your hair is down does not mean it looks good. Now you know why I throw it up so often :)

What I Wore:

Sweater: Old Navy (no longer available)
Tee: Forever 21
Jeggings: Hue (no longer available)

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  1. I seriously want to be in that snuggly sweater right now! I LOVE pieces like that and need more in my closet.

    I'm sure it must be completely different at the job from working in all your retail positions! I would guess it's probably nice to dress however you want and no one is worried about it!

  2. I really like the poncho even if you don't like the shape of it. It is a really fun piece! And congrats on the pants (even though it is sad) it is great to be able to see the results of all your hard work. Keep it up!

  3. I love it! The print of the sweater makes the outfit! I could live in an outfit like this.

  4. Wait- to me this is svelte!!! Haha I love love love this look.

  5. i have that same sweater and wear it all the time ;) here:



    it's super soft and warm like a blanket. and surprisingly the quality is quite good for old navy.
    glad to see someone else got this great piece. i just wish I had gotten it in the other color combos as well...

  6. Very cute sweater!! I'm sure it's a fav during the nasty cold months!


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