What I Wore: Keeping it Casual

I was about to say 'Happy Monday' then realized my weekend was a little more action packed than anticipated and I totally skipped my Monday post. I had a very FUN weekend and totally crashed when I got home on Sunday. Then Aunt Flow showed up yesterday morning (TMI??? Sorry!) and didn't start the week off as planned. Feeling kind of out of it I opted for super comfy. I am SO GRATEFUL for a boss who lets me wear whatever to work. I can dress up or down, and that kind of freedom is priceless. He even let me leave a little early when my cramps made me crossed eyed and puke. Does that ever happen to you? ANYWAYS, I was more than happy to bust out my new Wildfox jumper and throw on my sparkly TOMS. On days like yesterday there is nothing better.

While this outfit is nothing special (ignore my messy 'do and lack of accessories) I still love it. The Wildfox jumper is near and dear to my heart because I can show love for my home state (West really is best) and my passion for NYC. When I saw the sweatshirt I couldn't leave without it! It does nothing for my figure but makes my soul feel good :)

Keeping it Casual!

 What I Wore:

Sweatshirt: Wildfox Couture
Jeans: Old Navy 'Rockstar'
Shoes: TOMS


  1. Uhhhhhhhhh I need this sweatshirt obviously. Totally copying you!

  2. I love a snuggly sweatshirt, but my are definitely too ugly to leave the house in! LOL This one is sooo cute though. Cute & snuggly but not sloppy! :)

  3. Such a cute cozy look. I really like it and you don't look sloppy at all. Feel better!!

  4. i love that top, so casual and cute

  5. Aw I love the front and back! And hair is cute. Not TMI - I hate when she visits.

  6. you look great! i love that sweatshirt and your hair looks so cute in a bun! i wish mine did!

  7. this is a super cute sweater!!! i love it !!!! you look great it in :)

    kristine xoxo


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