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Happy Weekend Friends!
I hope it has been a good one. Mine has been quite busy and I LOVE it. Yesterday I had a shopping date with my blogger bud, Kristen of Love, Lipstick and Pearls. We spent a good four hours shopping, lunching and chatting. I am so grateful to have this platform that has brought some incredible people into my life. After that I picked up dinner and spent time with my sister and nephew. My sis came down for a couple hours before heading across the country for a week. I got in work outs on both Friday and Saturday evenings, which felt good. This morning I am meeting another friend to see The Hunger Games and have lunch. I plan on relaxing (and maybe cleaning??) all afternoon. I love having plans and enjoying my time. I am a happy girl.

The past few weeks I have really been thinking, plotting and planning about my blog. I have a bazillion things running through my head and I want to start getting some things into action. So I have a few thoughts to share and some questions for you all...

1. I think that Pinterest is an incredible tool for Bloggers. I enjoy spending time pinning and finding inspiration. I love that I have one place to keep it all together. I am even more excited about the new terms and how that can affect how and why I do things. I know that some bloggers pin their own looks and that many bloggers are pinned by their peers/readers. 
Question: Should I pin my own looks or let others do it for me?

2. Facebook. Oh Facebook. I really do love having a page. I have been pretty active on my personal page and love the interactions I have. I know many of you have a Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and so many other sites. I prefer following via Twitter and HATE when I see the same things on Facebook, Twitter AND the Blog. I personally feel like I cannot keep up with all three social media outlets and keep them fresh and different. BUT I know that I am missing potential readers by not having a Blog Page.
Question: How important is it for a Blogger to have a Facebook Page? Why or Why not should I create one?

3. Facebook Part 2. While I am active on my personal page I do not share anything about my blog. I have the link on my info page but I don't think people really look at it. I am not shy and don't care if people I know read my blog but I don't like making it a big deal. Am I the only one who is weird about this? 
Question: Should I be promoting the blog on my Personal Page or keep quiet like I have been?

4. If you follow me on Twitter you may or may not have seen some of my tweets about my feelings on blogging lately. A couple tweets definitely created some conversations and discussions that brought up a lot of great questions/concerns. I feel strongly about a few things including Posing in Outfit posts, What REALLY makes a "budget" blog considered "budget" and Personal Style. Most of those feelings are not the best. I have been incredibly annoyed and bothered by the blog-o-sphere lately. :/
Question: Do you have any pet peeves or feelings about Blogging/Bloggers that really gets you thinking? How do you handle it?

See...my mind is buzzing. 
These questions barely scratch the surface. I really hope that you all will chime in and share your thoughts and feelings. I really value the opinions of my readers and learn a lot from them!

And if you feel like reading even MORE about where my brain is at, head on over to my Personal Blog to read about my Fitness Struggle this past week.

Happy Sunday!


  1. our date was so fun!! i can't wait to see you again :D

    as you know, i have some of the same gripes about blogging too. I think you should totally pin your own photos, even just to use as your own reference on how you wore them, etc. plus others would love to have it out there as well.

  2. Hey! I'm glad you had such a nice weekend- hunger games, cleaning, long shopping trips with new friends- so fun!!!

    As far as your questions go, I think it ALL depends on what you want out of your blog. Why do you have it? Do you want it as an outlet or more so do you want it be a business down the line? Little of both?

    I personally would never put my Blog on Facebook (at least in the foreseeable future). Though people in my life know I have a blog and my friends read it, I never want to shove it down my friend's/connections throats. I think it takes a certain audience to appreciate a blog and understand why it's interesting to talk about your bracelet or pose for outfit pics... and those who won't get it, just don't get it. Not that that deters me, but I just personally feel more comfortable not promoting my blog everywhere so when people read it they either are part of the blogosphere, or know me so they have a context as to who is behind these posts. Also, it's important for me at least, that my privacy is respected online and thus, I don't care to put my personal profile alongside my public blog. that is just a personal preference for me but really important. Since I work in a very serious finance role it's imperative that I showcase a professional side of me on my other social networks.

    However, many women with blogs on FB and Twitter do really well! So I don't think there's a blanket way to do it, I think you just need to figure out what you WANT from your blog and thus, know how much you want to put your personal life alongside your public blog. A choice every Blogger must make for herself!

    And why not pin your own outfits??!?! They're totally worthy :)

  3. Glad you had a great weekend! What did you think of the movie? I went yesterday afternoon.

    As for the blog, I promote my blog on my personal facebook and have a page (mostly because I have friends and family who have asked me to).

  4. Im so jealous you've met blogger friends in real life! I'd kill for a shopping buddy!

    I like all the points you made about blogging. I'm torn with Facebook too. I have a page for my blog, but I often wonder why?

    Oh, and I agree about the "budget" blogs. I'm not on a budget yet can't afford what most of them wear! I do appreciate some blogs out there that only post ootd's from thrifting.

    Stepping down off my podium now. ;)

  5. I agree with ms. caitlin
    1.pin away,

    2.I think if you want to open a separate "fan type" f.b. page like most bloggers do then go ahead, I personally like to keep church and state separate...

    3.get a separate fb page for the blog if u wish

    4.I read all the many tweets too, I def don't buy one time purchases to take a photo and then return it, that is just sacrilegious and warped. But I bet peeps do it to amp up their views or create looks for the viewers, I don't agree with it. Being creative with your closet and playing dress up or creating outfits with your own old items is o.k. tho.
    Budget bloggers are like second skin right? they usually only post/buy thrifted clothes right? Im confused on that too.


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