Spring into Sandals

It is OFFICIALLY Spring....YAY!!
The sun is out longer, everything is turning lush and green and it is starting to really warm up. I love the transition.

You all know that I am a shoe whore. I am always looking for a great, new, funky pair of shoes that will make the outfit. In the Spring and Summer I am a huge sandal fan. While my wedges, heels and platforms always make an appearance there is nothing like a pretty sandal to complete the look.

This year I am working on completing my sandal wardrobe. I was in need (yes need, I have worn out a couple pairs) of a basic black pair, a pair in a bright, fun color and a simple/classy metallic pair. You counted correctly. Three pairs. That may seem a bit excessive but you have to keep in mind that I live where I can wear sandals year round. And I do.

I think that every shoe wardrobe should exist of the following:
Basic Black, Neutral, Pop of Color, Metallic and Animal print.

Taking it a step further...you should own those five colors/shades in the following types of shoes:
Flats, Sandals, Heels, Wedges/Platforms

Which means TWENTY pairs total.
Crazy? A bit much? Too many?
Maybe...but I honestly don't think so.

Back to the sandals. These are my top picks (some are currently sitting in my closet) for the Season{s}.

Basic Black
 Sam Edelman 'Gigi'

This sandal is my go to. I have bought a pair every season for three years. It is simple, chic and goes with everything. The shoe is comfy and easy to wear. 

Pop of Color
Dolce Vita 'Archer'

I have been dying over these since seeing them in the Nordy's catalog in January (Feb?). I love the Jewelry like detail. The gold accents make the shoe look rich. This shoe runs big so size down!

Valentino 'Rockstud' Gladiator

These are an investment piece. They are NOT cheap. Valentino makes the most perfect patent nude color. The studs give the shoes a slight edge, trend aspect but will definitely carry on from season to season. Patent leather can last a VERY long time if taken care of. Wearing any nude shoe will elongate your legs. 

 DV by Dolce Vita 'Ilana'

Every sandal should have that extra touch. I love the tassels and knotted leather to give the sandals a chicness. Metallic sandals can stand out on their own. They look incredible with dresses and really pop with a tan.

I will be wearing THESE also.

The Flip Flop
Tkees 'Foundation'

Havaiana 'Slim Crystal Mesh'

The flip flops. I know most people have a love/hate relationship with them. I LOVE them. These are my two top choices. The Tkees pair is a more sophisticated look. They come in a variety of colors to match your skin tone. They elongate your legs and are super comfy. Havaiana's are a no brainer. They are the most comfortable, long lasting flip flop out there. They come in a bazillion colors and prints. My favorite is the crystal pair. An update to the basic black. I own about 10 pairs of Havaiana's. I swear by them.

Well, my friends, those are my picks. I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend. Keep these shoes in mind while you are out shopping. If the weather isn't so fab where you live...then click on the links and shop from home. I own or have tried on every pair featured so I can give you any insight or answer questions you may have!



  1. Completely love and agree with your sandals picks. It might seem like a lot, but especially for people who live in places like we do, these are no brainers because sandals/open-toe shoes get more wear than anything else.

    I definitely need to update my 'shoe wardrobe' this year. I've been lacking a flat & wedge black sandal for a while and just never seen to find exactly what I'm looking for. Let the hunt begin! Happy Friday! :)

  2. I love all of them!

    Great blog, following!


  3. I want all of these, especially the dolce vita!

  4. aaaaaaaagh i love sandals i can't wait to get a new pair this season

  5. I need a few more pairs of sandals! I love the pop of color pair.


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