Happy Friday!
I am actually blown away by how quick this week flew by!
I guess the saying, "Time Flies when you are having FUN", is actually true.
I have been making an effort to live a happier, healthier life and I am not turning down any opportunities.

I was kind of bummed yesterday when I realized that I would NOT be packing to head to Arizona to visit my baby sissy, drive to the Grand Canyon and maybe hitting up some of the Indian Casino's. She had to work which means our girls weekend has to be postponed for the third time. Boo! Then it got me thinking that not only do I need a getaway but I need one that involves bright lights, shopping, lots of action and the chance of getting lucky (you can take that however you want. Hehe. JK). Honestly, I have not been to Vegas as a SINGLE woman since 2005. I am craving a girls weekend full of sun and debauchery. I won't be planning a trip until I hit my goal weight (so I can rock it by the pool of course) but that doesn't keep me planning fun looks for my faux getaway.

Whether you are someone who hits the pool, relies on lucky numbers to WIN big or spends their time shopping...there is no reason why you cannot look your best!!

By the Pool

Inspired by Miss Kourtney K in this pic
                                                                         Source: starstyleinc.com via Mandy on Pinterest

Bathing Suit: L Space Halter Top and Bandeau Top

Out to Shake it on the Dance Floor

Inspired by this picture of the ever stylish Kate Moss
                                                                         Source: guidetostyle.blogspot.com via Mandy on Pinterest

I only like to show off one major asset. Since I am turning 30 I think wearing a loose, backless mini dress with sky high heels is appropriate. I am loving a more neutral palette with a little lot of sparkle and shine! Let's be honest...when you look good, you leave guys wondering, why gamble?? Haha!

So who wants to join me in Vegas this Summer?
We can have a blogger meet up ;)

Have a great weekend! 

And if you get a chance....


  1. I'm in!!! And I'm bringing all of these looks with me! Great picks, especially love that swim suit. Just tell me when and where! :)

  2. i just booked a trip to vegas over memorial day! cant wait. and i mayyyyy have picked up this number to wear by the pool as well... oops!


  3. Could Kate Moss get anymore perfect than in that backless mini dress? I love that photo.

    The Fashionable ESQ

  4. I'm in! Let me know when you are planning on going and I will be there. Love the dresses you have selected! Gorgeous!


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