What I Wore: Bad, just bad

Well folks, it looks like I am bringning you another post with really awful pictures. I could not post a W.I.W. post but I like getting outfit pics up! For you, for me and for the record. So I will say these are bad, just bad!

With that disclaimer out of the way...I actually really liked this outfit. Colder weather means that I get to wear my {faux} leather jackets. They give any outfit some cool cred. I paired the jacket with my go to plaid top and some bell bottoms. I wear dark denim about 95% of the time. It was nice to wear a lighter color (although I don't think that they are the most flattering since they are about a size too big) to switch up my look a bit. I also wore my new shoes that my sis got me for Christmas. They are awesome and very seventies looking. 

Random FYI...I took these pics at 3am. It was SO SUPER foggy that when I was driving home I could not see more than 10 feet in front of me. When taking these pics it looked like it was snowing. CRAZINESS. So if you see a haze in the pics...you know why :)

Bad, Just Bad

  What I Wore:

Top: Old Navy (Old)
Jeans: Old Navy
Jacket: Mossimo (Old)
Earrings, Ring: Kendra Scott


  1. i love your pants in the pictures but what i love most is that first photo closeup of your face! you have beautiful eyes girl!!!!!!

    happy new year love!

  2. I love that jacket - gorgeous! And your eye makeup in the first photo is absolutely fabulous. You look amazing.

  3. I love your jacket and your makeup...i need make up skills.

  4. It does look like it's snowing or like those paranormal photos where you see orbs and blobs of light from ghosts (random...I know!) But I do like this look on you! Very 70's and super cute!

  5. Hey Mandy! I just found you! And I love you already! I'm a recent journalism school grad and fashion enthusiast. I started blogging as an outlet for both and hope to turn both passions into a career, too. I'm sure one day you'll be a great fashion writer, if you want to! I love your real, wearable approach to style. Anyways, just started following you and I'll be back for daily inspiration:) Stop by, say hi and follow back if you feel like it. XO
    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  6. Girl, your eyelashes! They are so long and perfect! Your makeup looks amazing, and I actually think your pictures look cool--very artsy. ;)


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