What I Want Wednesday {23}

Twitter has been abuzz with people DYING for Spring to arrive. They are posting pics of pastels, brights and dresses. I know that I may sound like The Grinch but I am NOT ready. At ALL. I am not trying to brag but it has not even been Winter here. I haven't worn my sweaters, coats and boots nearly enough. I even plan on going to the beach on Friday. Yes, I said it. I just want to have some kind of cold weather...maybe in February?

With that little rant out of the way (I swear it will tie in to this post in just a minute) I wanted to share that I am having a personal style conflict. I feel like I am drawn to so many trends and want to try different things all the time. Right now I am leaning towards a more casual, rockerish look. I think I am at an 'edgier' place in my life and dressing up doesn't quite fit that picture. I LOVED what I wore on NYE but I could have gone a totally different (read: rocker) route as well. I have always described my personal style as California chic, where Lauren Conrad meets Nicole Richie. I think that is still true but right now I am leaning more boho than California cute. SO I hope that you all bare with me as I try some new looks and outfits on the blog.

With the weather (see the tie in) and my new thoughts on my personal style I am drawn to some different pieces right now. I have to say I feel like a brat posting about things that I want a mere two weeks after Christmas. Oh well. The heart wants what it wants. And Fashion is never far from my heart :)

I do HAVE to say that I am refraining from buying clothes. My fitness program is in full effect and I don't want to buy things that I won't be able to wear later on. If I happen to buy things it will be items where sizing doesn't matter much and that can be worn with a lot of things. I am only adding basics or items that will complete my massive clothing collection. I am also stalking bathing suits and cover ups for my Mexico trips (yes trips, plural. I am going twice in 2012). 

I have to have THIS sweater. Like NOW!

I am also dying for THIS skirt. Worn with my Chambray button up...yes please!

Obsessed with THESE shoes. DYING to buy them.

Cheeky, Chic, Sexy Lingerie. (I mean I am single now. Haha)

A concert tee to wear with cardigans and boots.

So am I the only one coveting already?
What do you Want??

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  1. OMG I literally just texted a picture of that first sweater from Old Navy to my sister like 3 seconds ago! LOL No joke!

    Don't feel bad, Im not ready for spring either. It just got cold in Florida and I want to enjoy it a little. I love wearing sweaters and boots and all things snuggly!

    It's so fun to experiment with new looks, thats what fashion is all about!, and I can't wait to see some new looks from you! :)

  2. I love the "lingerie"!! I might have to get that LOL

  3. i LOVE THAT SWEATER! you have great taste my friend ;) great blog!! followed

    visit me


  4. totally love all of these looks as well. That sweater is AWESOME! I've been looking for something like that, and those flats? LOVE. But that lingerie?!? The cutest, just sent the hubs the link for humor. :) ... and might have to post on the blog!

  5. shut up i want that journey shirt!!! SUPER CUTE!!!

  6. i was just thinking today how i didn't get enough wear out of my winter wardrobe!!

    i want a concert tee too btw

  7. im wanting that sweater! so cute, Ive bben coveting natasha earrings, onxy anything, basketball wives earrings, (google it), And Baseball wives fashion which I will do a post on!
    love you


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