What I Wore: Undercover

Do you ever just want to be incognito?
To just fly under the radar and pass quietly through the night?
I do.

Instead of hiding or sleeping the craziness away I am seeking God.
I know that he is giving me the strength to deal with my life at the moment.
He is pushing me, encouraging me to seek him instead of others.
I am enjoying my solitude because it means that I am talking to him (sometimes yelling, but he can take it). I am thankful for this stretching and growth period. I know that there is beauty in the pain.

While I have been seeking my heavenly father, my human father has also been there by my side. He has pretty much spent the last week with me, helping me out, talking with me, loving me. Today is his 60th birthday. (I just typed two sentences and my eyes are already welling up with tears). I cannot tell you all how much I love and appreciate him. He has literally been working his ASS off to take care of the remodel at my place and to be there emotionally for me the past few weeks. He is the hardest working man I have ever met. He gives and gives. Plus he loves unconditionally. I am SO lucky to have him, I know that many of you cannot write the things that I am (and that breaks my heart), and I thank the lord daily for him AND my mom. 

DAD... Happy Happy Birthday! You deserve to be spoiled on your day. I wish you the most amazing and blessed year ever. I hope you ALWAYS know how much we love you! Forever my hero, LOVE you with all my heart! Xxoo

This outfit was perfect for my mood.
A little sassy, slightly mysterious, comfy and chic.
I am having a slight love affair with the color red right now.
I am in search of a deep red, cable knit sweater. Keep your eyes open for me!


What I Wore:

Sweater: Free People
Cami: BP
Jeggings: Hue (old)
Boots: Report (old)
Necklace: Kendra Scott 'Rayne' (Pyrite stone from the color bar)
Sunnies: Prada


  1. Those boots are HOOOOOT!

    Your dad is awesome and then some girl. He loves you so much!

  2. Sorry you are going through hard times but you are lucky to have a great support system! Things will get better they always do!
    On another note, loving the outfit! That sweater is fab and a great color on you!


  3. Fabulous post! I hope your dad had a great birthday!

    Those BOOTS are AMAZING!!!

  4. Awww...so happy you have such a good Papa. it's important! You look fab honey...I've missed your posts!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad! Sounds like a truly wonderful man :) Love this look too, that fedora is fab!

  6. Aww, so sweet! You and your dad have such a great relationship! I hope he had a wonderful birthday! :)

    And you, my dear, look fabulous! I'm obsessed with that sweater and the hat!


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