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Hey y'all! I don't know where the time goes each and every day but it's speeding by. Wednesday night was a little more hectic than i anticipated. Soooooooo....I know you are all dying to hear about the 'Personalize Your Style' event that I supported on Tuesday night but I didn't have time to write a proper post for it. The event post deserves my undivided time and attention because it was THAT good. :) I am hoping to have it by late afternoon today. If not it will be up by Friday. PROMISE!

I also wanted to give a BIG HELLO to my new followers. I am almost at 100 GFC followers (I know there are many more RSS and Twitter followers too! Just don't have an exact number). I am thrilled that you find me interesting and keep coming back. It means the world to me! So THANK YOU!!

P.S. My Blogaversary is October 10th (I think that is the exact date. Better check on that). If I have 100 GFC followers by then I will DOUBLE the surprises I have in store!!! (and that is the MOST you will EVER hear me talk about following. Ok? Ok!)

Happy THURSDAY... It is almost the weekend. Woot. Woot.
Let's pretend I'm not working the next six days, yes, straight through the weekend. I am happy for you all. Haha ;)

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  1. woot woot, i am loving the new layout...so chic

  2. I love your blog~~~and how you mix and match cute stuff from all price ranges~~~planning to subscribe!!!


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