Tuesday Travel Style {36}

Couple's Edition

As much as I have traveled and the Bf travels, we actually haven't traveled much together. We tend to take road trip vacay's over plane vacay's (that will change) so this was only our second time on a plane with each other. Our trip inspired today's focus on the couples.

Let's start with the newlyweds, Nick and Vanessa.
 {image via starstyleinc.com}

I watched their TLC special on Saturday and quickly fell in love with Vanessa Minnillo and her darling personality. She is a beautiful, funny, intelligent, caring and giving woman. Nick is lucky to have her. It is no secret that I love me some Jessica Simpson so I was always apprehensive on liking Vanessa (Yes, I realize how ridiculous I sound and that I am talking like I actually know them. Just go with it). But now I know that I can like both of them ;) This pic is them returning from their honeymoon. Both wearing perfect outfits for many hours of travel and looking tan, relaxed and in love!

Second, we have the Bi-Coastal duo!
{image via officialkourtneyk.celebuzz.com}

Next is the couple that everyone loves to pick on! I like to call them one of the most stylish couples. Scott and Kourtney always look impeccable. Mason is the cutest and most stylish baby boy. I love seeing pics of the family together. While everyone hates Scott (get over it already) I love him and his outlandish ensembles. I love that he wears colors, suits, incredible shoes and ALWAYS has a tan. Kourtney has perfected "mommy chic" and I am in complete envy of her silk shirts and amazing flats collection. All of them are wearing simple, easy pieces for travel without sacrificing style. I just love them :)

Both couples have totally different styles but look amazing.

How often do you travel with your siginificant other?
Any memorable trips?


  1. Love both couples - and I'm ALWAYS wondering what Kourtney and Scott will wear! :) they always look so fantastic!

    I enjoyed this post, lady!


  2. Unfortunatley, I don't travel enough to have 'travel style' but I would LOVE to look as good as these ladies when traveling.


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