Visual FBFF: What's in my bag???

I have been linking up to Fashion Beauty Friend Friday for a couple of weeks. I started posting right when Katy decided to change the series to every other week. Many of the girls missed the weekly posting so they once again got creative! I LOVE this week's choice. Handbags are my true love and I like showing this "personal" side of me. Working in Handbags for 6+ years truly showed me how personal AND emotional handbags and wallets are to people.

I am linking up on A Pretty Nest.

Onto my Handbag....
This is my first NON designer handbag that I have purchased in 8 years.
***I chose not to buy handbags unless they were from my place of work. I quit in May and this was my first purchase. I LOVED spending $25 on a trend bag. This bag makes me happy*** 
 I carry so much stuff! You can see that I LOVE my sunglasses and you should know that I am NEVER in the sun without them. I also cannot live without my rosebud salve, it is multi purpose! I HAVE to have a charger for my iPhone because I drain the battery quickly (I am always on it)!! I try to always be prepared with hair things, tampons and with a Tide stick. You just NEVER know!

- Handbag is from H&M
- Trident Layers: AKA the BEST gum ever
- A pen, Tide Stick and iPhone charger
- JPK make up bag in my favorite color
- THREE pairs of Sunnies: 
  • Prada (in case) 
  • Ray Bans (without case) 
  •  House of Harlow 1960 (shown w/case)
    - Reading glasses: Oliver Peoples
    -Camera and mini Tripod
    - Wallet is Marc by Marc Jacobs
    - Deposit envelope and a Nail card
    - iPhone 4 in a J. Crew case
    - Hair band and bobby pin
    - Abas credit card stacker (full of gift cards and club cards)
    - Tampons, Rosebud salve and Vaseline
    - Travel size Moraccan Oil
    - Car Key (Toyota Prius)

Go ahead...SHARE what is in your bag!
OR...let me know what you carry!
Happy Friday


  1. Wow - you really do love your sunnies and with pairs such as those I can understand why! Love seeing all the pretty things people carry with them. I really like the handbag too. I was surprised it was H&M!
    Happy Friend Friday!

  2. It's fun to see what items in common everyone carries. I was actually surprised I didn't have any hair ties in mine, probably because I cleaned out my bag recently. I could use a Tide pen, though.

    Thanks for sharing!
    :) f
    The House in the Clouds

  3. Rosebud Salve is amazing! haha I remember Happy Nails when I lived out in Cali

  4. popped over from A Pretty Nest
    enjoyed your post and browsing your blog

  5. I love your sunglasses. I wear prescriptions and since they get expensive I usually have one pair only, and it's usually Ray Band (I'm a fan !!!). Love that purse too ! Thanks for participating !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  6. love your bag, love you wallet, love that you carry so much stuff in it (like me!) you can never be too prepared!

  7. Love how you take everything in your bag , mine is a pretty mess too with all that we might or might not need during the day.
    great blog ,great suggestion from another blogging friend who follows you.

    My latest post on the Dolls Factory
    Vintage Shopping in Como, Fendi sunglasses from the 80s Let me know what you think. Have a nice weekend.

    Let me know if you decide to follow, It would be my please to start a blogging friendship.

  8. I have a purse obsession! The most designer I've ever gotten is from Coach-the Outlet! Hahaha

    Now that I'm not working, I buy non name brands and I'm seriously loving the feeling of not being obligated to carry it all the time.

    Lately, I've been loving the mark. handbags-they have this little leopard number that I have coming in the mail next week :)

    Check it out here: amberwatson.mymarkstore.com

    I love the fringe on the bag you posted-oh and the camelish color!

  9. U know I love what's in your bag posts! Xo

  10. these posts are always the most fun i think! it always makes me feel "ok...im not THAT crazy for some of the stuff i carry!". i have the same tripod you have LOL! it often is in my purse :)


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