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Well friends... I didn't plan ahead (I had been so good at that) and didn't get a post scheduled. So I did what any good blogger would do! I scoured my iPhone for pics that I have snapped to use at some point. Well that would be today.

So you are going to get a little bit of this and a little bit of that!!

***see how much i like you?? I go above and beyond to make sure you have something to read! What a good bloggy friend I am ;) ***

I am all about head accessories this week. I love this rose headband I bought for $2.50 at F21. Simple yet makes a statement!

My leopard obsession is getting borderline OUT of control. I love red and leopard together (hello Dolce and Gabanna!) so when I saw this pic of Khloe I got super excited. Love the whole look and the chambray shirt is a great touch (I'll button mine a little more. #justsayin'

My nail polish and mani fascination is well documented. This isn't even every color from the last month! Which one is your FAV??

I ordered this KDash cape awhile ago. I had the pic of Kourtney saved for months because I wanted a cape like hers. Totally thought it was Burberry. BUT I think it's too big (I know! Nothing is EVER too big! Quite the opposite. It made me happy).
***Weigh in... Should I exchange so that I look more like Kourt in it???

I know this is a Fashion blog, I like it that way, but food has become my main priority as I joined Weight Watchers six weeks ago. It is all consuming as I get my head right about food. I'd you follow me on Twitter you will know I blog what I cook. Well this watermelon salad and feta turkey burgers are the perfect Summer meal. I cannot get enough. Let me know if you want the recipes. They are divine!!

There is a little peak into my phone and my mind! It's always full and always going. Let me know what you snap pics of, currently love and any opinions you may need!

(please excuse the font and pic sizes, formatting issues etc. until I can take care of this evening! )

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  1. OMG my obsession with leopard has gone COMPLETELY out of control! I don't care though, I'm not seeking help at this time. I am embracing the addiction and loving it!!


  2. I was a little late to the party with the leopard print trend but I am in LOVE with it :)


  3. i think its great you incorporated lifestyle stuff like food on this post :) fashion ultimately is food. i mean, since ive been in norway i think ive gained 10 lbs. (i was sure id LOSE...but nooo)...which means im even LESS fashionable here because my clothes (what few i brought) dont fit! LOL!!!!!! ;-) and i have no money to buy more.


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