What I Want Wednesday {12}

It is about time that I get serious about my diet and exercise.
NOW is the time to make a change...
Because I actually have the time. For seven years I have put every thing and every one else in front of my own wants and needs. Right now I NEED to lose weight.

So here is some inspiration.
For you. For me.

This week I want....

Blake Lively's body. The whole thing.
{image via starstyleinc.com}

 Carrie Underwood's legs. The definition. The shine.
They are perfection.
{image via usmagazine.com}

 Gwyneth Paltrow's abs. Holy flatness.
{image via usmagazine.com}

 Jennifer Aniston's guns...I mean arms. Her body is awesome but I would like to have bigger boobs than hers.
{image via usmagazine.com}

 Kourtney Kardashian's curves with a flat, tummy.
{image via usmagazine.com}

Leann Rime's definition.
I am sure I will get flak for using this pic. YES she is too skinny in most pics. BUT look how defined every part of her body is. Her arms and stomach are CUT!!
{image from Life and Style magazine taken with my iPhone}

Who inspires you? What body or body part would love to steal from a celeb? Do you have any words of wisdom/advice/encouragement for me?


  1. no no no leann rhimes!!! you definitely do not want to look like a skeleton. so let me be the first to give you flak for that. lol Kourtney looks the most natural but i do love underwoods muscular legs.

    stay committed mandy - you can do it!!

  2. While I totally support being healthy and gettin gin shape, bc I know I need to do it too....I just wanted to say that I think you're beautiful and perfect just the way you are. As women, we are so down on ourselves and I know I constantly have thoughts of "If I lost 10 pounds I would look so much better. I would feel better. i would be happier" but then I always think, why can't I love my body for what it is right now? Just a thought :)


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