Tuesday Travel Style {31}

Ignore the person and focus on the outfit.
I feel like I had to start the post that way. Since I am choosing to feature Leann Rimes and her travel style, it is my blog after all, I want everyone to know that I am not condoning how damn skinny she is. And while I do not want to get into a discussion about eating disorders or looking like a bobble head, I do think she has unhealthy thoughts about working out and food (not saying she is anorexic or bulimic) and that her head is now too big for her body.

Whew. PSA service announcement over. Let's talk about HOW much I love this outfit!

{image via JustJared.com)

I really, really want a Leopard Romper. I think that it is the cutest piece ever! I also love that she paired her leopard print with WHITE instead of black like most people would do. I think that the white looks fresh, young and fun. The blazer fits her perfectly and the cut is gorgeous. Like I always say, "Wedges make everything better", this pair is darling. I like the half wood and black heel along with the braided (I think its braided) detailing. The perforated bag with fringe might be a bit much for most, but I think it is over the top fabulous and I would wear it daily. Last but not least, everyone needs a Goyard tote in their handbag wardrobe. Including me ;)

This outfit is chic and easy to wear while traveling, especially to a tropical location....

Happy Tuesday!


  1. This is such a KILLER look!! I too am seriously digging the leopard with white look, and that bag is to DIE for!! The wedges are perfection and that romper is amazing! Couldn't have picked a better outfit to highlight, Mandy!

  2. OOoh I love! This romper is to die for..I'm normally not a huge fan of leopard but I think you are converting me :)

  3. PPPHHHffff! i was cracking up when I read the Intro! "ignore person" so funny i cannot stand her, but I do envy her bag and shoes usually! I ADORE the bag!

  4. Agree! That entire look is killaaaaa!

  5. Great romper! I love the leopard print. She looks awesome! Get it :)

    xo katie elizabeth

  6. I love this, you're right the white is an unexpected but chic choice!

  7. LOL i loveeee that you put that as the top line! i have to tell myself to ignore the person and focus on the outfit a bunch when im flipping thru mags or photos!

    but yes, she certainly looks fabulous for traveling :)


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