Fashionista Friday: Ashley Olsen

I look forward to seeing pics of Ashley Olsen. I am completely enamored with her style. I know that many people have mixed views on the twins and their style but I find it fascinating, fresh, exciting and personal. They are so smart and business savvy. Any fashionista should aspire to have their fashion business sense. MK tends to be more of the adventuresome of the two and I tend to like the more classic choices of Ashley.

Here are some of my favorites.
The girl ROCKS the basics like NO other.

She has an incredible figure which makes even the simple tee look fantastic!

I want to wear a turban and look this good. The turban totally adds the final touch to her outfit.

She is such a pretty girl. I love how she wears all black and looks sophisticated, not tough.

My favorite casual outfits. Throwing on a leather jacket when it is chilly and a fun scarf when it is warmer out. Her shoes and bags complete the looks!

I LOVE both of their outfits! And their hair. I originally saved this pic because I wanted to emulate both hairstyles. Their outfits are a plus! I Love the scarf around MK's waist and the shrunken blazer with the belted, long tunic. Super cute.

Do you love the twins as much as I do?
What do you think of their style?


  1. i've loved her since i was little.. she's still so pretty! i love her.

    xo katie elizabeth

  2. Thanks for joining my giveaway! I totally agree with you on those smores!

    I like it when the twins dress like they do in the pictures above, however I've seen one of them (can't remember which one) dressing like and old Edith Piaf for a while.. and I didn't like that much. But the outfits above - LOVE them!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Good God, I love them! Seriously these girls dress so well...I die over every photo of them.

  4. LOVE them. Inspired by their business acumen (and fashion style... sometimes! haha)

  5. Love, love, LOVE The Olsens. Ashley's style has always been my favorite and she looks fantastic in every single one of these photos. Amazing!


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