Double Amazingness

I JUST saw this pic and I had to post it.
If I could pluck BOTH outfits off of these girls, I would. In a heartbeat. I LOVE the way the Kardashian girls step up their fashion game while filming. Their stylist, Monica Rose, is a genius. She pairs the most awesome things together. I would give my first born to work with Monica.

{image via gossipcenter.com}

Kourtney: I am loving the Chambray blue shorts suit. So sophisticated. Her crisp white blouse and nude strappy heels truly make the look. I love that her pop color comes from her handbag! GORGEOUS!

Kim: My leopard print love affair is going strong. I have been obsessed since I was 15 and it doesn't seem to be wavering. I LOVE the jumpsuit. The print isn't overwhelming and it totally shows off her perfect figure! She is wearing the same bag that I loved from last weeks Tuesday Travel style post! I LOVE that she paired it with this seventies inspired jumpsuit.

I have been saving these next few pics because I am so inspired by them and truly just love the looks!

{left pic: starstyleinc.com, rightpic: gossipcenter.com}

I would look GINORM in that tribal print dress but she looks insane. I LOVE the colors in this dress and always enjoy seeing Kim dressed down.

I am obsessed with neon color blocking and I think she did it best.
Pairing chartreuse with blueberry is pure perfection. This little baby doll dress with INSANE  wedges is such a cute look. I want this outfit. Need. Want.

{images via monicarosestylist.blogspot.com}

Let's start with the shoes. If I could only have one pair for the next year I would pick these. I love the nude with the mesh metal toe (Beyonce, J.Lo and Christina Aguilera have all worn them too! I will call them the DIVA shoe!) The Diva wants me to own them. I can feel it. White pants are chic. The zipper detail makes them different and slightly edgy. The oversized chambray-ish blouse is sophisticated yet comfy. The BIRKIN in chartreuse is so AMAZING. I would carry this until I died! Seriously.

I am so excited to post these looks.
Now if only I had each of those pieces in my closet.
And their bodies, money and on and on.
(I REALLY am happy as MANDY, but it is nice to dream sometimes)


  1. um, with you! LOVE the way the Kardashians dress. Especially Kourtney when she does the menswear look like above, she looks AMAZING with it!!! Thanks for the eye candy.

  2. I saw this pic yesterday and my first thought was "Mandy is going to d.i.e. when she sees this photo". And you posted about it...I know you well my friend, I know you well :)


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