What I Wore: ...Love Maegan Copycat

So I am a complete and total copycat.
From my fishtail (I know how to do it but in case you don't you can follow this tutorial) to my outfit.
It is no surprise that I L-O-V-E Maegan and her blog.
She is so real, beautiful and loves (and actually INTERACTS with) her followers.
When I saw THIS outfit I was so excited. Not because the outfit is earth shattering, it's definitely simple, but because Maegan blogged about it and by doing that she helps ease the pressure of "how fashionable" bloggers need to be.

I wore this outfit on my day off to run an errand. I had been on my couch all day and I am not ashamed to admit that. I just needed to throw on an outfit quickly. Since I had spent my afternoon catching up on my blog reading I knew exactly what to wear. Isn't it nice how bloggers make getting dressed easier? It took me 2 minutes to fishtail my somewhat dirty hair and I was off.

Who inspires you?

What I Wore:
Top: F21 Men's V Neck
Pants: Old Navy skinny cargo's
Sandals: BP from Nordy's (last year)
Sunnies: Ray Ban over sized aviators
Handbag: Isabella Fiore 'Whipflash' from 2005


  1. You look so cute!! I need some skinny cargos, and I really like how those fit. I am dying to try her fishtail braid tutorial too :)

  2. I love her too and that she is so down to earth. I feel like if I met her we would be instant friends.

    Love the outfit and the sentiment of not always dressing to the nines. Who dresses perfectly EVERY day, possibly Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, but besides her no one! I love casual looks more because they are so real and comfortable.

  3. YOU are one of those women I see running errands and think to myself "she looks so damn cute for just running errands" :)

    Love the pants, and I love how you really made a simply t-shirt look adorable and especially with those cute sandals!

    That color green is something I really want some more of in my wardrobe.

    Oh and.. I really want my hair to grow out more - I love the side braid!

  4. You look great! I love seeing bloggers in simple, casual looks like this. It's much different from the photos they usually post.

    Love the sandals!


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