What I Want Wednesday {9}

Hey friends! Happy, happy hump day! Today's "what I want" is a little different than usual. Instead of my list of "wants" I want your answers. (I know. Sneaky, sneaky. I'm soliciting blog comments. Mwahaha) Seriously though...I am usually quite the decision maker but lately I don't want to make decisions. It's bizarre. I CAN make them if I have to, but why make life changing decisions (not really life changing. I'm Being a tad bit dramatic) when I can have YOU help me.

So here are the few things I need help on...

1. My birthday is in less than two weeks. I don't know what I should do. The options are:
A) pool party and BBQ
B) cocktail party

**** I am also doing an intimate dinner in LA that has become tradition the last few years.

2. The birthday outfit. Money is tight and I'm dying to get a new outfit. I love feeling extra special on MY day. Do I...
A) use my credit card (with a LIMIT) and buy something new!
B) suck it up and remix my wardrobe.

3. I am super bored with my hair. It's been 90% my natural color (just a few highlights) for the past two years. I'm craving super blonde locks (I used to be addicted to the bleach). Going super blonde is high maintenance and costly. Should I...
A) Take the plunge and dye those roots! Go Girl!
B) stay au naturale! I love your hair the way it is.

4. I'm obsessed with painting my nails and I have quite the nail polish collection. I am loving the new Chanel "Mimosa". It's a bright yellow and looks so fun. Have any of you tried it? Is it color that I...
A) have to have it in my collection. The color is amazing on!
B) Pass on this "IT" color. It's hard to wear.

Enough test taking! I hope that you think this is a fun way to interact. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. IF I get people to participate, I'll post the results next week.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

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  1. OoOo I like this! :)

    1. Pool party followed by Cocktail party? If not Cocktail Party!

    2. Remix your wardrobe. Perhaps splurge on new accessories for a sexy black dress?

    3. Dye it! Its summer, go for the super blonde locks! Enjoy the blonde, and summer sunshine! Its perfect season for it!

    4. Love it, I want to wear it and pair it up with a summer outfit and accessories with yellow in them!

    Hey theres an idea.. take something from your closet - accessorize with yellow and perhaps some nude shoes. Do the hair, and then Mimosa nails. Do a summery cocktail party!

    Have fun planning your special day cousin! Love you!

  2. Jennifer totally stole my answer:

    Cocktail party, remix your wardrobe with something to accent a new summer hair and nail color.

  3. I vote Cocktail Party, New Outfit, just a few more highlights so that it isn't too high maintenance, and if you love the polish, go for it!

  4. This is fun! 1. Pool Party and BBQ sounds amaze 2. Remix your wardrobe- a fun fashion challenge, re-use, recycle and wow! 3. The Bday girl should have Super Blonde locks! 4. Not sure about yellow varnish at all, I would say no BUT maybe it will look fab?

    Enjoy your party, sounds like it will be great whatever you decide x

  5. Cocktail Party, Re-Mix, Go Blonde, I have heard that the Mimosa nail polish can look like your nails have a fungus...but I do like the color of it.


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