What I Want Wednesday {11}

iPhone Pics edition!

I know that many people do "Pics on my phone" or "This weeks iPhone pics" type of posts. This is my version of one of those posts. I am constantly taking pics of magazines, people on the streets, myself etc. on my phone so that I can be reminded of the inspiration at a later date.

This is what I want this week...
All pics are from the June issues of People Style Watch and InStyle.

A SEXY one piece bathing suit

I LOVE this ring. I want one to fit on my middle finger.

Missoni seems to be the House to work with.
I am  obsessed with my Haviana's and would love a pair with Missoni Stripes.

I LOVE this Tolani dress/cover up. I posted this pic in my Spring break post.
It is available on pre-order. My *new* frugalista mind says that $151 is too much :(

Jessica Simpson collection has the best shoes.
I am currently lusting over these slide in mules/clogs.

Nothing screams SUMMER like a pair of linen pants.
I saw a woman wearing a pair with a BF cardigan and a floppy hat in the airport in Cabo.
I have wanted to emulate the look since then.

I have been dying for ikat print for months.
Ikat looks fabulous on these shorts.
I love how the outfit is based around these stand out piece.

Not Fashion related BUT I just want to marry him.
Then he could sing me to sleep while gazing at me with those killer blue eyes.

And for those of you that follow me on Twitter...
I RETURNED the dress.
My votes ended up being 50/50.
But I just didn't feel super comfortable and when I feel that way it must go back :)


  1. Can I say, we NEED to go shopping together?! Seriously, can you make my wish come true.. perhaps for my 30th birthday ;)

    I love the Ikat outfit, wow SUPER cute! And well Im always a sucker for shoes and Jessica Simpson's always make my heart skip a beat or two.

    Im with you, if you are uncomfortable and dont feel fabulous return it. I have done it plenty of times. Although I felt awkward in my Maxi dress and that turned out to just be an outside of my box - attitude adjusting outfit!

  2. I love the monogram ring! And those Missoni Havaianas? Amazing!


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