Tuesday travel Style {26}

When I saw this picture I knew that I had to use it for a Travel Tuesday post. Last week's post brought out different opinions. THAT made me so happy. I love how fashion speaks to every one in a different way. When I looked back at the post after reading the comments I saw what they saw. It was refreshing and it opened my eyes. THAT is why I blog. I don't always want people to agree or say how fabulous the pic is. I want to discuss and grow in my style.

{image via peoplestylewatch.com}

I love how every piece that is worn is so unexpected. I never would have thought to pair these articles of clothing together. The J Brand Houlihan skinny cargo has been the pant du jour for the past year (or longer). I have never seen the pants dressed more "formally". I love how she paired the neutral blazer with the pant. It is classic, tailored and a little more of a sophisticated approach. She then takes the outfit in a totally different direction with her edgy booties.

This is a great travel outfit. Easy to wear pieces, a large bag and sunglasses. She got the "uniform" down.

What do you think of Charlize's outfit?
Do you like how she paired classic and funky pieces with a very trendy and recognizable item?
Does it work for you??


  1. I absolutely love it. That's what is best about fashion, it's about making YOUR style YOURS, not anyone elses. There are no rules. Cargos with a dressy blazer and funky peep toe booties? Why not! I think it's fantastic, great photo to feature, Mandy!!

  2. I actually like the majority of this look, it seems very classic but at the same time elegant. Personally I don't get open toed booties but she makes them work here!

  3. Cute! I love how she paired the cargos with the blazer, it dressed up the cargos but made the blazer casual. Great combination, its a feminine look. Overall, adorable. I am just not crazy about the shoes, at all. Although I am not a fan of the peep toe booties anyways.

  4. I wore an almost identical outfit!


    I have to agree these pants are the PERFECT travel pant. I did another variation when I flew to Phoenix with a black tee and black blazer. These cargos are my FAVORITE!


  5. So cute. Much better than Anne's outfit.

  6. super cute outfit. it doesn't seem like a very comfortable travel outfit. with the heels and the skinny cargos. i might try to recreate this look for work though.


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