Mugshot Monday {9}

I think that True Beauty is when someone feels comfortable wearing NO make up and looks like a bombshell. Anyone that is photographed with out a drop of make up is my hero!

A few weeks ago People magazine put out their Most Beautiful issue. In it was a spread of 10 Hollywood Starlets photographed with tinted moisturizer and lip balm. They looked FANTASTIC.

My favorite was Julianne Hough.
While she is young we hardly ever see her without make up. Especially when she was on Dancing with the Stars.
It was nice to see that she is as beautiful with a plan face as well as a made up one!

{image via people.com}

I do not wear a lot of make up and haven't since Summer 2003.
On any given day I wear moisturizer, a little concealer, powder and mascara. With Summer approaching I tend to wear even less. I am excited to see that going au naturale is not only acceptable but encouraged.

Julianne is a blank canvas and has a flawless "mug".

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