What I Wore: Child's Play

Today's What I Wore post is special.
I have my favorite little girls appearing today.
I baby sat my BFF's girls yesterday and they ALWAYS read my blog. So when I busted out the camera we decided to do my outfit pictures. As you can see, R was directing my poses. I definitely let loose and had some fun. In fact, I was having SO much fun that the girl's I played "modeling" and we have the pics to prove it. Besides being I was  told that I was "The best baby sitter ever" and that the only person they like more is "Jesus" I almost forgot about my pain! I really couldn't love this family more.

As for my outfit, I finally found a striped shirt that I like.
It was 12 bucks from Tar-Jay! Love.
Being a "bigger" girl, I have always been terrified of stripes.
Looking at these pics, I do feel a little larger. I think that the skinny, cropped jeans make me look a little larger on top. In the future I will probably try this shirt with some flares. I still don't think that I will buy to many striped things but I am glad that I tried to pull it off.

What do you think??
Should I continue to find a way to make this shirt work or do I shy away from all things striped??

Child's Play
***Be prepared for picture overload***

What I Wore:
Top: Mossimo
Jeans: Skinny Cropped from Gap
Belt: Michael Michael Kors Skinny (and it's reversible)
Shoes: Sperry Top Sider
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunnies: Ray Ban over sized aviators, gold with mirrored lenses
Hair: Day TWO of Beachy Waves

The Babes

What R wore:
Top and Skirt: Target
Shoes: Hello Kitty

Our Modeling session

What P Wore
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Roxy

Hi R and P!!! I Love YOU!!
Thanks for making today's post special.

(That's what they think! That they will be famous if they are on my blog. Isn't that cute?? Now if it only were the truth. Haha)


  1. What a fun post! Looks like you guys had so much fun. You look great!

  2. So cute! i wanted to cry! My babies love you:)


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