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Hi Friends!
I have had a few of you ask me what products I use on my hair. I am sure my tweet, "I never used hair products but I finally gave in and think I mastered the Beachy wave look", probably prompted the questions. Lol. I want to make it clear that this is NOT a hair tutorial. My curls are done the same way as every other girl has shown us how to do them on their blogs (curling iron pointed down, not using the clamp, hair wrapped around the barrel) so I have nothing new, innovative or exciting to show you. BUT I love finding new things that make getting ready easier.

If you are a close friend you will know that I HATE TO SHOWER. Yes, I said it. Please don't mistake that phrase that I like to be dirty. I just hate getting wet, shaving and then the whole HOUR process that happens AFTER the shower. I like the way I feel afterwards but it doesn't outweigh the process. I also shower before bed. I go to sleep with my hair in a wet bun.

With that confession, I am going to share my "getting ready" process for when I do my hair. I have loved the results lately and they last for a few days. I have coarse, curly/frizzy hair. The underneath is curly, but the top of my hair is frizzy. Getting it tamed is challenging.

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I use Pureology shampoo and conditioner (not pictured) to wash my hair. I have to deep condition once a week to keep my hair soft and manageable.

Step One
Deep Condition: I use Aussie's 3 minute miracle. It smells AWESOME, like coconut and works really well. I really like to use this when I am going to be using my hair dryer, curling/flat iron and exposing my hair to heat or the sun.

Step Two
Leave in Conditioner: After I shower I brush my hair and use about a quarter size drop of Garnier Fructis and use a comb to work it through my hair. I then pull my hair back into a bun and go to sleep.

Step Three
Mousse: When I wake up in the morning, I take my hair out of the bun and have a lot of natural texture. The top of my hair is 95% dry which stays pretty straight. I soak mousse into the bottom half of my hair. I then use my fingers and add a small amount of mouse to the dry, top part. I scrunch my hair and let it dry for about half an hour. If I don't have time I blow dry on low for about ten minutes. I do not use a diffuser, although it would probably help. I then use a 1 inch barrel to curl/wave the top half of my head. I divide my hair into five sections. I make two curls in each section. Ten curls total. After I take each curl off the curling iron, I pull it taut for ten seconds so its not as bouncy.

Step Four
Moroccan Oil: Since my hair is curly and I have touched it a lot, it is pretty frizzy. I have a ton of fine, baby hairs and broken hairs from when I used to bleach it. The Moroccan Oil is amazing and takes away 98% of my frizz. I put a dime size on my palms and rub my hands together. I then divide all of my hair into four sections and rub the oil in.

Step Five
Surf Spray: Now that my hair is curly and frizz free I use the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to set my curls. This spray smells amazing and leaves my hair texturized, slight  clumpy (like when you get out of the ocean) and holds it all day.

After this step I try not to touch my hair. I let the breeze and my car air conditioner blow it around. And I am done.

I never used products before because I thought they made my hair "greasy". That was when I wore my hair straight. Since I have embraced my natural curl I have realized I need products and my hair doesn't have to be redone for days. That made me super happy.
(I hardly wear my hair straight and I can go maybe two days with straight hair without it looking limp, thin and greasy. Hate that.)

The Aussie and Garnier products are cheap and can be picked up at Target. The Moroccan Oil, Pureology and Bumble and Bumble products are pretty pricey and have to be bought at a beauty supply or salon. Email or tweet me if you want exact prices.

Happy Hair Styling.


  1. So that Moroccan oil really works? Good to know...the humidity in Chicago can be crazy in the summer.

  2. Love the product suggestion! I'm a wavy/frizzy girl and San Antonio humidity does me wrong, I'll try anything. I'm off to get your hair cocktail this weekend. Thanks!


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