Tuesday Travel Style {24}

I no longer travel every week for work.
But I am still inspired by the celebs airport style.
I am also getting on a plane next week for the first time in 4 months. I am strangely excited.

The celeb look that caught my eye this week is Cameron Diaz.
She is quite the jet setter and has been back and forth between Miami and New York City due to her baseball playing beau, Alex Rodriguez (ARod to most).

This look is Fan-freaking-tastic!

{image via peoplestylewatch.com}

The fist thing that I noticed in this pic was her Bottega Veneta bags. The weave is unmistakable, the sizes are perfect and the totally bring her casual look up a notch. I was also really drawn to her fedora. I am a HUGE hat girl and love this one. When you travel, you pretty much have to wear your hat as it will be smashed in your suitcase. She looks fresh and ready for vacay! I would take every accessory that she has on (boots, hat, bags).

True Travelista!


  1. Mandy this is one of my favorite posts that you do...travel style is so brushed over yet it's such a perfect time to look fabulous! I am heading to Vegas next week for some girl time by the pool. Can't wait!!
    I don't know if you got my response to your comment, but YES let's do lunch, ABSOLUTELY!! (or drinks for that matter lol) ;)


  2. I love this so much!! Everything about it. The boots to the hat, and OMG the bags!! Well done Mandy!


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