What I Wore: LBD

In my closet, you would think that I had numerous black work dresses. But I don't. I bought this bubble dress on my last day of shopping before the 30x30 remix. I got it on a random 40% off day at Gap. It was a FANTASTIC deal.

I am a huge fan of pairing cognac brown with black. I love how the accessories pop on the all black ensemble. Belts really help give you curves. I am a huge proponent of adding them to any outfit.

My balloon LBD

I took a close up of the dress so you can see how it balloons and twists.

What I Wore:
Dress: Gap
Cardigan: LC Lauren Conrad
Tights: DKNY texture
Shoes: YSL Tribute Mary Janes
Belt: Another Line
Glasses: Oliver Peoples

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  1. You look fabulous! I'm really loving the shoes!!


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