The many ways to wear Leather or {faux} Leather

Leather is being used in every silhouette these days.
Shirts, pants, jackets and even dresses.
It is no longer considered "dominatrix" it is an every day fabrication that is being rocked in so many different outfits.
These leather pieces are worn on the red carpet, out to a nice dinner or even running errands around town.

These are my favorite outfits and ways to wear it...


{images via starstyleinc.com}

I love colored leather. Ashley's cognac and Kourtney's green are fun and new ways to look fresh.

{images via justjared.com and peoplestylewatch.com}

I love the cropped jackets worn by Jenna Dewan Tatum and Kim Kardashion.
Jenna's toughens up a more classic outfit and I love the drapiness of Kim's look.

{images via starstyleinc.com and nrichienews.com}

Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie both used jackets to dress up a going out outfit.
Lauren's outfit is one of my favs! I love the color of her dress and her hair is amazing. Her shoes and jacket really compliment AND complete the look.
Nicole pairs her jacket with an all black ensemble, letting her shoes take center stage.

{image via justjared.com and peoplestylewatch.com}

Rachel Bilson and Zoe Saldana each wear a jacket that zips across the chest giving the jacket an interesting detail. Worn with a maxi skirt or skinny jeans makes the jacket super versatile.

{images via peoplestylewatch.com and justjared.com}

Even the men can rock this trend.
Peter Facinelli looks casual as he strolls through the airport.
Ryan Gosling looks sophisticated with his tweed dress pants and scarf.

{images via justjared.com and peoplestylewatch.com}

Each one of these dresses is different, yet FABULOUS looking. They scream STYLE and define each lady that wears them. I pray to god each night to have a body to wear and amazing leather dress!


{images via olsensanonymous.blogspot.com and justjared.com}
{image via celebstyle.com}

Leather or faux Leather leggings seem to be the pant of choice. Ashley and Lauren wear them in a more casual way. JLo chose leather shorts. I am OBSESSED with this whole look! It is amazing. Plus the shoes are AWESOME. Leather and Leopard is the perfect combination :)

These celebs all look amazing and wear leather well.
What look is your fav?
How do you wear leather??

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