No outfit posts today.
I moved recently and I am not currently living in my new place (and won't be for a couple more weeks) and I have stuff in three different places. Not fun. :(
Since everything is displaced I cannot find my good camera charger. And I have no clue where it is. SUCKS.
I had an old camera charger in my car that is refusing to charge my battery EVEN when I jimmy rigged it.
I am so bummed especially since I bought a mini tripod that I can use anywhere (and wrap it around poles to get better angles) to take outfit pics.

I appreciate your patience!

If you all remember, the no shopping part of this challenge scared me. A lot!
I feel like I am doing well so far...especially since I am receiving stuff that I ordered on my "last day" to shop.
I think that it is going to be a lot harder in the final weeks.

I will post the things I bought later in the week.
A couple Winter Kate tops and some Trouve black wedges that I am excited to wear!
I will be swapping the wedges with a pair of shoes that I cannot wear.

Thanks for following along.
I keep hitting speed bumps but I am still chugging along.

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  1. Bummer about the camera but so cool about the tripod! My brother has one like that. I decided that Feb is my no shopping month, good thing it's a short month haha. I hope you get your stuff charged up soon!


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