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I did a couple of guest posts in the last few weeks. I enjoyed every minute of it and have had so many new visitors...Hello!
This is the post that I wrote for Andrea over at Four Flights of Fancy.
I thought I would post it here now that it has been on her blog for a couple of weeks.
I wanted you to be able to read it if you didn't get a chance to check out Andrea's blog.
It is different from the majority of the posts that I write and would love your feedback!

I am so excited to help out Andrea while she is working hard (and enjoying the city with her cute fam). Andrea and I have bonded over our love for Fashion and she asked me to share how to update your Spring wardrobe, with three pieces, on a budget. I know that Andrea has committed to spending less and giving more in 2011 and I have to say that I jumped on board. It is very important to me to spend smarter and hopefully less this year.

I read this article from Stylecaster that really simplified the best of the trends for Spring 2011. This season it is all about minimalism, staples from the Seventies, Maxi Skirts, Eclectic prints and the wedge heel being the "it" silhouette in show ware. Colors of importance include: Bright White, Orange, Honeysuckle Pink (more subdued than the electric pinks and fuchsia's of seasons past) and Ocean blues. I know that looking at the trends and then trying to incorporate them into your own wardrobes can be daunting. Then having to factor in a budget and it can make any woman want to run!

I am (hopefully) going to make this easy on you...and your wallet.
I am going to work with Two Budgets since we all have different amounts that we find acceptable for clothes.

Budget 1: $150 for the season
Budget 2: $300 for the season

***season is February thru the end of April
*** I am aware that even these budgets may be to high. I chose these amounts due to the fact that we are only buying three items needed to update your wardrobe with Spring Trends.

The three trends that really spoke to me are:
1. Seventies flair: High waisted, flared leg pants, jeans or trousers
2. Wedges, wedges, wedges
3. Maxi Skirts

Let's get started...

Trend One: High waisted, flared leg jeans
    These pants are important to add to your collection because they are flattering to most body types and can be worn dressier or with a simple tee. I know I am sick of low waisted, muffin top baring jeans and these throw backs to the 70's work well to balance out my curvy shape. I am a HUGE fan of Gap jeans... Premium quality with out the price tag AND they fit extremely well. So the first pair that I will suggest come from there. I also own many pairs from Old Navy (the Gap's sister store) that have held up well over the years and have a budget friendly price tag.

Budget 1: Old Navy "The Flirt Wide Leg Trouser Jeans"


Budget 2: Gap "Wide Leg Trouser jeans"

(I love that the pants are paired with a Breton Striped top)

Trend Two: Wedges, Wedges, Wedges
    I don't know about you but I am obsessed with shoes. I do not discriminate, I love all shapes and silhouettes, in any color. The wedge is my favorite type of shoe. You get a heel and height with comfort and ease! I am absolutely ecstatic that it is the "IT" shoe to have. I know that not everyone can wear sky high heels...the best thing about the wedge is that it comes in many different heel types. I own many pairs of Steve Madden shoes. He does a great job of imitating the hottest silhouettes. I am able to get the look that I love without killing my credit. The Steve Madden wedges look exactly like a DVF pair that I have been lusting after for months for a third of the price. And the Ruby and Bloom pair are darling and resemble a pair of Jimmy Choo's!

Budget 1: Ruby and Bloom 'Camilla' espadrille
(looks like these...)

Budget 2: Steve Madden 'Riddgge' wedges

(similar to these)

Trend Three: Maxi Skirts
   Maxi dresses have been a staple in my summer wardrobe for years. There is nothing comfier than voluminous dresses and I am so super excited to wear maxi skirts with fun blouses and belts. You can look chic and still be comfortable. They look great with wedges and photograph well, also! LNA is an up and coming line that many celebs have been wearing. So the skirt that I chose for Budget 2 is from them. I really wanted to show you this Rachel Pally skirt but it didn't fit in my budget! While wearing designer pieces is amazing, the best outfits are always a mix of highs and lows (wearing an expensive piece with a cheaper piece). Target has done a phenomenal job in their clothing departments. I cannot walk into that store without buying something to add to my wardrobe. They have really cute skirt options for less than twenty bucks. SCORE!

Budget 1: Target 'Xhilaration' maxi skirt
(This skirt hits the ocean blues color trend)

Budget 2: LNA 'Colomn Skirt'

Let's recap...

Budget 1: I spent a total of $135 dollars on the three pieces...not exceeding the budget. BUT I had to search, plot, plan and really budget to make sure that I didn't over spend. I tend to be an impulse shopper so being disciplined is proving to be a challenge that I really have to work at.

Budget 2: I spent $270 dollars on these pieces and I didn't feel like it was hard at all. With the exception of the maxi skirt I didn't compromise at all. I really liked the LNA skirt as well so it wasn't a disappointment to showcase that skirt. AND I still have thirty bucks to spend. I would head to Forever 21 and stock up on amazing accessories that can liven up my winter wardrobe!

This has been fun! I hope that you all feel comfortable adding these pieces to your wardrobe!
Happy Shopping!


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