Winter 30 for 30 Remix: Clothing Choices

This is it.
I picked my clothes.
and I am scared.

I feel super vulnerable.
I hardly ever wear the same outfit twice (at least in a six months time). I work in an environment where you are expected to be in the latest and greatest. YES I wear the same things again but in a different way (which is WHY I am know I can complete this challenge) but never in such a short time frame.

I vowed to be a Smarter Shopper in 2011 with the hopes of spending less. So this challenge is going to help curb my shopping appetite. I also said that I wanted to become more comfortable posting my style. There is no better way to do that than by participating!

I start a new job (in the same company. for now) today. I think that this may be the perfect time to create a whole new, creative me.

I found it challenging to pick my items.
I am at work 5 days a week so I kept that in mind with my choices. I noticed that I have many black items, this isn't surprising, I just hope that I can make outfits look different enough. I did order a couple of things that I am expecting to come in the mail that I will 95% substitute for a couple of items chosen.

Here are my choices...

Blouses/Tops/Dresses: 10 items
1. Gap Blouse                                          2. Tarnish V neck Tunic                      3. LC Lauren Conrad tunic
4. Gap L/S Blouse                                 5. Gap Tie Neck button up                        6. Gap poufy sleeve top

7&8: Target pocket tanks    1. Semantiks Black Sheath    2. BCBG cowl neck dress (NAVY not black) 

Sweaters/Blazers: 5 items
1. Haolgen 3/4 sleeve cardi     2. LC Lauren Conrad lace cardi  3. LC Lauren Conrad rosette sweater
                                        1. F21 Sweatshirt Blazer             2. Halogen Blazer

Skirts: 3 items
                                 1. Old Navy Pocket skirt                     2. Gap print skirt
3. Gap pleated bow skirt

Bottoms: 2 jeans, 2 black work pants, 1 dressy shorts, 1 jegging, 1 skinny cargos.
7 items
Work Bottoms: Michael Kors cropped ponte trousers, Gap riding leggings , Banana Republic dressy shorts
Casual Bottoms: Hue jeggings (gray), Old Navy skinny cargos (plum), Gap cropped jeans, Gap Flare jeans

Shoes: 5 pairs
L to R: Gap 'The City' flats, YSL Trib Too pumps, Elizabeth and James peep toe booties, Miu Miu strappy wedges and Jessica Simpson 'Dany'

Here are a few "notes" that I placed on this challenge:
1. Camis/Tanks don't count since I wouldn't wear them alone
2. I have a couple of items that I really *NEED* to buy that I haven't found yet (bras, make up items and sunglasses that I preordered that will hit in February's shopping budget) and will allow myself to pick up.
3. I have a pair of gross flats that I wear at work before we open while I run around that I didn't include. They are more of a safety issue than an outfit issue.

With that...I think I am ready! AHHH!
Wish me luck!

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