Tuesday Travel Style {13} Couples Edition

These gentlemen happen to be dating two of the stylish women on the planet. AND they happen to be gorgeous and have a snazzy sense of style themselves.

I had to do a couple's travel style after seeing these adorable pictures.

{image via justjared.com}

Can we take a moment to talk about how DAMN cute this picture is.
I mean, really? He is kissing her neck. In Public. LOVE this sweet PDA.
PLUS they both look like they are straight off of a European vacation. (really it was Mexico but who is keeping track?) I love that they are both wearing hats. Diane is still rocking her military inspired jacket with a floral dress. Nice touch.

{image via gossipcenter.com}

Sienna and Jude just look so incredibly cool. Put together. Stylish.
I love pretty much everything that she wears.
But I am really digging his outfit. Most guys cannot pull off a cardigan and sweats.
Somehow he did.

These couples have it all.
Love, Looks and Money.

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