Fashionista Friday: Mary Kate Olsen

(Fashionista Friday being posted on Saturday. Apparently that's how I roll these days)

Personally I tend to relate to Ashley and her fashion choices 95% of the time. MK is just a little to Avant Garde for my taste. But then there are some of MK's outfits that I literally die over. The next two pictures are my favorites. And when you see them you will know why...they are definitely subdued for MK and right up my alley.
{image via starstyleinc.com}

I have been dying to post this picture. This outfit is me on so many levels. Let's start with the color combination... Black and Gray with the pop of color coming from her accessory. Her jeans fit perfectly and the tunic sweater accentuates her shape and doesn't overwhelm her petite frame. I am the biggest scarf fan and love the plaid and the way she tied the scarf. It makes the outfit. Her shoes are amazing. Pointed Bow toes with a chunky heel. I think that they are Louis Vuitton. She looks chic without being over the top. And it makes me happy!
{image via olsensanonymous.blogspot.com}

This is one of my all time favorite outfits. Period. I have been obsessed with the shoes since I saw her wearing them (Victoria Beckham wore them as well). I wish I had bought them. The neon pink is striking. I also have a thing for white clothing, even though I tend to stay away. I loved how intricate the dress is, I am obsessed with the sleeves and the bubble skirt. I would give my left arm for the entire look.

Mary Kate is a true fashionista. She knows what she likes, never apologizes and rocks some incredible pieces. I'm a fan. Huge fan.

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