Lace up wedges

I mentioned yesterday how much I wanted a pair of lace up wedges (I think that was after I tweeted how I am going to make smarter shopping decisions. Oops) I don't have many shoes that are casual (read NOT 5 inches high) that look great with everything. I am pretty sure that these could fit that bill! They are still high but since it is a wedge you don't notice and they are casual looking.

I cannot link the website since I am blogging on my iPad and they don't give me the option to ( I also can't size my pics, align or pick font type) BUT I am happy that I have the app to get this out to you. Lol. So here is a screen print. Open. New browser, type in Nordstrom.com and put the item number in search. See easy breezy. It's ALMOST like I linked it, right?!?

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