334: NYE dresses

*** Every day this week at 1pm my 365 post will be about what you can wear for NYE. All of the items suggested are NOT to be worn together! They are just fun ways to incorporate some sparkle, sheen and shine into your NYE outfit!***

{image via justjared.com}

{image via starstyleinc.com}

My favorite thing about dressing up for New Year's Eve is busting out all of my sparkly pieces.
Why I feel that it is necessary to resemble a disco ball is beyond me.
But I love it.

The dresses above on Anne and Ashley are gorgeous.
They are chic, sophisticated and GREAT options for NYE.

Here are some CHEAPER options...

MY favorite is...
This dress is $128

This dress is $58

{images via Nordstrom.com}

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  1. omg i LOVE Ashley's dress!! Arden B had a similar dress but it's sold out :(


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