332: Rainy Monday

It has been raining in Southern California for days!
It NEVER rains like this.
I lived in Seattle for a fleeting moment in time and I am having flashbacks.
Would you believe that i have ZERO pairs of shoes that work in the rain?
I have boots...but they are in a super high heel or seude.
I have Uggs but we all know that they are not water proof.
I have tennis shoes, Vans slip ons and Chucks, but they get soaked in 2.5 seconds.

So I need to head to target to find rain boots that fit!
The Hunter boots don't fit my calves :(

So in all this rain, many celebs are still finding a way to look cute! I love this picture of Reese.
{image via peoplestylewatch.com}

The jacket, scarf and boots are darling.
She looks casual, comfy and chic!

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