325: more fur FUN!

I cannot get over my fur obsession.
Real, fake, fluffy it doesn't matter.
I LOVE the look.
It makes me think of opulence and royalty.
All things every girl dreams of.
Purple IS my favorite color...
It makes a lot of sense now, doesn't it?

{image via olsensanonymous.blogspot.com}

Ashley Olsen is wearing a vintage, swing coat.
It is real and looks amazing.
How hot are those boots?

{image via starstyleinc.com}

Ashley Tisdale looks awesome for a night out with her man.
The coat compliments her entire ensemble.
Love her ivory YSL Trib Too's

{image via gossipcenter.com}

Ashley apparently loves this trend as much as I do.
I love the way she wears this coat as an "everyday" look.

{image via hillsfreak.blogspot.com}

Miss Stephanie Pratt chose a contrasting color to her all black outfit.
The cropped coat looks great with the over the knee boots.
Great way to play with cuts and proportions.

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