306: Pops of Red

I, like Valentino himself, am enamored with the combination colors: black, white and red.

When I saw this picture of Sienna Miller I smiled SO big.
My eyes were first drawn to her fur shrug.
It fits her perfectly and looks chic.
pairing it with basics and letting her accessories shine was key.

Her RED lipstick and fingerless gloves complete the outfit.
And, YES, lipstick IS an accessory.

{image via justjared.com}

P.S. Her perfectly piecey, straight hair looks amazing. I could only dream to achieve such perfect hair.


  1. I adore Sienna! She always looks so effortlessly chic. The pops of red via her lips and the fingerless gloves are just perfect with this ensemble. It's definitely making me want to recreate this look myself!

  2. Love this and I happen to be wearing a black suit with a black sequin shirt and RED shoes!!!


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