303: "Fall into the Gap"

I don't know when my Gap obsession got so out of control.
I am drawn to that store on a weekly basis.
And I usually leave with something.
It's a sickness.

blogged yesterday about heading in to try on the Fur Vest that I am dying to have.
It wasn't IN at the store in Utah that I ran into.
Hoping for better luck in Denver today.

BUT I did find this ADORABLE fur hat.
{image via gap.com}

I was longing for the all fur one. But Liked this one better.

But look how CUTE the Fur Trapper hat is...

{image via gap.com}

As much as I am a self proclaimed sun lover...
I am really liking the fun winter things

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  1. Denver? I live in Colorado! Denver is a fun place :)

    What kind of job do you have? You get to wear cute clothes and travel-sounds great!


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