Two hundred EIGHTY three: Army girl

Camouflage skinny J Brands and a top knot.
Not exactly the combination that you expect to see but Hilary pulls it off gracefully. Hil has been seen multiple times in her choice of military inspired pants. Most people are wearing the 'Houlihan' and she stands out.

{image via starstyleinc.com}

She pairs her pants with a simple long sleeved black tunic and classic YSL Trib Too pumps. She is ROCKING big earrings, which is a signature look.
(Hilary always wears a scarf, over sized earrings or BOTH)

I mentioned her top knot (or bun. whatever you want to call it) because this has been my go to hair style lately. I mentioned on Sunday about a tutorial that really helps create the look. Love it!

Remember when you wear tougher pieces you need to add in feminine touches.

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