Two hundred EIGHTY six: Free People Sweater

I am not a Free People fan.
I have a hard time spending money on pieces that I can find for waaayyyyy cheaper and looks pretty similar.
I feel like they don't really have an identity as a label and tend to do a little bit of everything decently instead of focusing on doing something GREAT!

With that said I fell in LOVE with this sweater that Ashlee Simpson in wearing. And much to my surprise it is by Free People. And I think I have to have it.

{images via justjared.com}

I think the whole outfit is darling.
Although Ashlee is SUPER SKINNY and I don't think it looks good.
But I love the J Brand coated leggings and YSL Trib Too pumps.

You can buy the sweater from Nordstrom.
I will be too!

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