Two hundred EIGHTY five: Ladylike Luxe

Nothing SCREAMS ladylike louder than Valentino.
Bows, florals, rosettes, strappy, neutrals, ruffles etc.
The House of Valentino is one of my favorites.
It is usually the first show I look at when they hit Style.com.
Everything is always so pretty.

{image via peoplestylewatch.com}

Speaking of REALLY pretty...
Anne Hathaway is gorgeous. Flawless.
She is wearing a white Valentino frock and it is every bit of ladylike that you can imagine.
I love the BOW.
The lace is not overtly sexy.
And the ruffles are demure.

Obsessed with this whole outfit.

Can we talk about her hair for one second?
Shiny and perfectly coiffed.
Naturally radiant.

I actually think I hate her ;)

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  1. Anne looks so pretty here! And I have to say, her hair looks perfectly styled for this outfit.


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