Two hundred thirty eight: Lo's Fav outfit

{image via thelodown.com}

I love checking out the Lo Down when I have some free time. I think that Lo has a sophistication and always looks so classy and put together. Her site has a lot of great facts and finds for all aspects of life. You should check it out.

One article that Lo and her team do is "Outfit of the Week".
Last week Lo chose this outfit from an old 'The Hills' filming.
And I LOVE it.
I think that mixing her BF jeans with a BF cardi could have been disastrous BUT she kept her tee close to her body and added Louboutin's! Making a darling outfit!

If you are going to wear voluminous pieces you have to counteract the volume with tight pieces.

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  1. Classic outfit - true to her personal style, I'd say.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984


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