Two Hundred Fifty Two: LOVE this photo spread

I am obsessed with weddings. You saw a small side of that when I posted that Marchesa dress that Lauren wore last week. I have been collecting pictures, magazine articles and programs for years. Literally! When I saw this spread in a magazine a couple of weeks ago I immediately snapped pics with my phone to save. I can't even remember what magazine it was, so if you know can you pass it on so I can properly credit these pics? Anyways... I took the pic because I thought they would make AMAZING engagement pictures. I love the fast fashion, the props and the poses. I plan to copy each one when I get engaged. One day. What makes the pics even cuter is that they are of Dave Annable and Odette Yustman, who married on 10/10/10. Darling.

I love how he is holding her skirt in the first picture and how he is kissing her forehead in the last. Intimate but not over the top!

*** I will scale the pics and make the font larger when I'm on a computer. I have no Internet or Tv due to lightening storms in Vegas. Which means blogging on the iPhone and not enough work work accomplished. Sad night ***

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