Two Hundred Fifty Three: My Alexis ring

I have fallen in love.... With my Alexis Bittar ring. I blogged about this ring last month (I'll link when not on my iPhone) and it took me awhile to find it in a store. I saw it in Scottsdale last week and it was the last one! I HAD to buy it. I am so glad I did. I have very acidic skin and any thing "fake" turns me green. Within minutes. It makes me sad because there is so much fashion jewelry that I cannot wear and the "real" stuff gets expensive. I basically have three sets I rotate. My sterling silver collection: Target Hoops, Lagos key necklace and my Michele Urban watch. Sometimes I add a blingy ring. My rose gold collection: MMK watch, Argento Vivo hammered bangles with a crystal Nadri bracelet and my diamond studs. My Gold collection: MMK 'Runway' watch, Target hoops and NOW my ring. It completes the set!

{personal image}

I am wearing OPI, France collection, We'll always have Paris nail polish.

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  1. I LOVE that ring. Big rings are essential to any wardrobe. Awesome purchase!

  2. Love!! It's so gorgeous! I love big rings like that. They're my favorite!
    Anything fake turns my fingers green too. It's so irritating. But I have a few fake rings I'll still wear! :P


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