226: Light as a feather

{images via Nordstrom.com}

Wallets are such personal items.
They hold so many things that are near and dear to the heart AND are a great way to showcase your personality. Wallets are fantastic for trying out a trend that you are afraid of. And they can be a statement piece when you don't want to lug around your large handbag.

This clutch wallet by Lodis is ART.
The colors are rich and bold. The peacock feather is so realistic. And it is the perfect size for your bag AND to use as a clutch.

If you have not been able to tear yourself away from your traditional wallet...NOW is the time to try!


  1. WOW i NEED that wallet, Looks just like our wedding invitations :P thanks for sharing! Can you post the link to buy?

  2. Hi Mandy! Thank you for the love!

    Here's more from the Paradise Collection

  3. The wallet is Gorgeous! You will LOVE it Jackie!

    Thanks Vcastro for the comment :) I assume you work for Lodis! Tell Cindy I said hello :)

    Smaller size

    There is a larger size sold in the stores too!


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