170: Striped shirts

I am always drawn to striped shirts but tend to stay away in fear of looking heavy and bigger than I am. These three ladies show us how to wear stripes and look svelte all while looking completely different!

{image via justjared.com}

Carrie on the way to her honeymoon. I love the shirt paired with gold, sparkly flats. She looks comfy and ready for a long plane ride! Plus she has some of the best legs I have seen. Wow

{image pulled from agirlandhergarms.com}

LOOK! Haylie is wearing the J Brand cargos that I want to buy for my weight loss! I LOVE the beige and white stripes to offset the olive green. Her shoes and bag compliment the outfit instead of take away. She looks happy and fashionable.

{image via justjared.com}

Rachel has brought the 70's to 2010.
I am obsessed with this outfit and I am dying to find a pair of bell bottoms to add to my wardrobe. The wavy hair, flowy shirt and jeans make such a free flowing look!

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  1. You couldn't have said it better, I have always stayed away from striped shirts because I was afriad they would make me look a lot bigger than I actually am. These photos are proof that the old saying about stripes dont always hold up so maybe I should look back into them. What do you think?


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