One hundred forty one: Fur in July?

{image via olsensanonymous.blogspot.com}

No...Miss Ashley Olsen is NOT wearing fur in July.
But finding this pic made me have a very brief longing for Winter. VERY BRIEF.

I see fur pieces and would love to think that I was cool enough to pull it off. And by fur I mean faux fur (but only because that is what I can afford at this time in my life).
This vest is pretty bad ass.
And it looks amazing on her.

My mom had a rabbit fur that was white and luxurious and the only thing that we could not play with in her closet growing up. I have wanted a piece since I was little.
Maybe one day.

In the mean time I am going to continue to soak in the sun.
I LOVE summer.

***I know that PETA (and maybe some of you) hate me for this post. I am sorry. But I will always be real and honest.***

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  1. I was just telling S that I HATE summer so funny! You love it!? I LOVE FUR and BOOTS and HATS! And RAIN!


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