140: Poised and Pretty

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see a picture of Lo Bosworth is Sophisticated. She has such a grace and her clothing choices are timeless. I love that she finds what works for her instead of going after every trend. She has an insane Louboutin collection and she appears to have every color metal that Ray Ban has to offer. She is the voice of reason on The Hills. I am also obsessed with her ponytails. How does she get such volume on top? I WISH I could get my hair to do that!

P.S. The outfit in the picture on the right is my favorite. I would copy it in a heartbeat if I knew what each piece was made by. I do know that the shoes are Miu Miu. They have them on eBay and I keep talking myself out of buying them. Even though I have had a sick obsession with them for over a year!

{images via starstyleinc.com}

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  1. Good God, woman- BUY THEM ALREADY! (And boo to you for making me curious when you said you were going to blog more. I'm supposed to be unplugged all day today! This is the ONLY post I'm reading!)


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