Fashion spotlight: Becky

I don't know about you but I have some very fashion savvy friends. They put together some things that I would never think of.

Meet my friend, Becky.
Sexy, Sassy and Spunky.
She can always make me laugh.
I love her.

Miss Becky buys Accessories.
For our company.
She specializes in hair accessories.
And can ALWAYS sell me a handband, or five.

No matter what Becks does she always, and I mean always, is accessorized.
She posted these pics to her Facebook a few weeks ago.
After immediately stalking her to BUY the scarf and the head wrap I then asked if I could steal her pics for a post. She obliged.

Isn't she fantastic?!?
Now you will love her too!


  1. oh I love that head wrap thing! did she make it with a scarf or did it come that way?

  2. For those interested...
    the wrap comes like that and it is ON SALE at Nordstrom now. Please email me and let me know if you would like the information to have one for yourself. I bought it in black!


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