sixty seven: new nudes

continued from post 66...

NUDE shoes.
I have been drawn to nude in a shoe from every designer.
Every day I think that a new shoe should live in my wardrobe.

My TOP pick right now is...
The Jimmy Choo 'Private'

Second choice...
(only because I cannot decide if I want this style in classic black leather)
Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Platform

And my third choice...
YSL Tribute Sandals
(I have this in Cuoio and they are REALLY comfy)

All three pairs look different and hit three different looks.
1. The Jimmy is bootie like and pretty fashion forward.
2. The Louboutin is classic and would go with EVERYTHING!
3. The YSL is a little more casual and looks cute with sundresses and florals.

What pair do you need?

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