Sixty eight: LC Lauren Conrad

***I tried on all of my picks today. See my review below***

If you follow my blog you must know by now that I am drawn to some pretty pricey things. I love designer and I swear my favorite pieces in a collection are always the most expensive. But I cannot afford to indulge the way that I would like. So I am always proud of myself for finding things at a great price. I am a huge fan of the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls. In fact I have 5 pieces in my shopping bag right now.

Lauren's pieces are very true to her.
They resemble many things that you see her wear.
California casual yet chic.

My picks:

This dress is VERY short. I am 5'6 and it was just above my butt. My sister who is two sizes smaller and one inch taller tried it on, it was short but fit her better.
Cute shirt...not as long as I would have liked. I wanted to wear it with leggings but I didn't think I could.

My sister and I both LOVED this skirt but this was so short. We both have a butt (hers is bigger) and we both couldn't walk without giving a show. Sad.
I LOVED this skirt and the fit. Bought it in black and blush. It skims the body but isn't too tight. Not too short either. I could have bought the cream one but I stopped myself :)
I liked this sweater but passed on it. I didn't think that I would wear it enough. But I did buy a cute black cardigan that didn't have a lot of bling!

Cute collection but TRY IT on before buying.
I have had to do this with each season's collection.

Everything is 30% off through March 23 at Kohl's.

My favorite looks to emulate:
Number one outfit

Love the feminine lace with the tough leather jacket.

<----Lauren at an event

Lauren in the Kohl's version -->

I love this line, do you?


  1. I absolutely adore Lauren. I actually just ordered a few things from her line the other day. I'm wishing I bought that blue dress though... I might have to go snag that now! :)

  2. I love her! She's so adorable & I checked this line out the other day and love it! I am totally head over heels for that blue dress! I'm worried about the length though haha since I'm 5'7 it might be a bit short on me.


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